Semalt Gives Five Reasons To Exclude Fake Traffic From Your Site

Are you a content marketer or a website owner working on improving your sales revenues? Black Friday is one of the best days in the whole year that can make your sales skyrocket. Statistics shows that more than $3 billion worth of sales were recorded on Black Friday 2016. This year, the sales revenues are expected to rise to $3.36 billion, marking a 9.4% increment as compared to last year.

Every year, e-commerce websites encounter more than 20 million visitors, where 20% of the visitors are bots and web spiders. Every content marketers offering services online would like to achieve clean and accurate data in their Google Analytics reports.

Bad bots can ruin your Black Friday sales and shift your search engine optimization campaign to the wrong direction. Bad bots do not affect revenue generation and sales, but also the operations of B2C and B2B businesses online. Bad bots, internal traffic, and web spiders can negatively affect your Google Analytics data and reports. Alexander Peresunko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, presents the following five ways bad bots can affect your Black Friday sales and revenues:

1.Inaccurate website reports

Bad bots work to skew your GA data by polluting the traffic driven to your site. In the long run, it becomes a bit hectic to differentiate genuine and fake traffic on your website's Google Analytics dashboard. Misinterpretation of data on your GA reports can lead you to make wrong business decisions. Exclude bot traffic from your data using the GA tools to avoid suffering from drastic fall on your Black Friday as compared to last year.

2.Distorted user experience

Bad bots affect e-commerce websites adversely by slowing down their overall performance. This scenario tends to have an adverse impact user who clicks back after visiting pages with a slow speed. In the long run, visitors jump to other websites to complete their purchases.

3. Ghost Carts

Cart abandonment has been one of the key strategies used by bots to drive genuine buyers and visitors to malicious websites. Bad bots work to replace some orders on products to prevent legitimate visitors from accessing real products. Ghost carts can adversely affect your Black Friday sales and revenue generation. Don't let bad bots take this upcoming from you. Block Darodar and bot traffic from your e-commerce website by adding a new filter on your site.

4. Fake traffic

Bot traffic, internal traffic, and bogus traffic can negatively skew your Black Friday sales. This tricks website owners and marketing consultants to believe that traffic driven to their sites is real. Website owners should watch out to avoid paying dollars for traffic generated by bad bots.

5. Operational fatigue

Bot traffic represents more than 58% of traffic on the internet. Generated internal traffic and bot traffic can crush your website in peak hours. Bot traffic can lead to wastage of dollars and time. Achieve more sales and revenues on your Black Friday by blocking unwanted traffic from your website.

Bot traffic can adversely affect your website's revenue generation and growth. Ensuring that you achieve clean and accurate data on your Google Analytics is of utmost importance. Avoid making unnecessary payments to spammers by excluding fake traffic on your website.

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